Professor Alan C Roberts

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Full biographical

Knight Grand Officer Order of the Eagle of Georgia

Knight Commander of Merit Military Constantinian Order of St George

Professional Training

1952-54 United Newcastle University Teaching Hospitals/Rutherford College (Student)
1956-58 Royal Victoria Infirmary, Plastic Surgery Unit, Newcastle (Scientific Officer)
1958-60 Leeds Teaching Hospitals ( Senior Scientific Officer)


1952-54 Rutherford College Newcastle/Northumbria University
1974-75 Manchester University
1983-08 University of Bradford

Honours and Awards

1969 Territorial Decoration with Three Bars (TD)
1970 Prince Philip Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Science and Technology (Implantation Materials in the Human Body)
1977 HM Queens Jubilee Medal
1980-84 Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty the Queen (ADC)
1982- Deputy Lieutenant for the County of West Yorkshire (DL)
1982 Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE)
1992 Red Cross Badge of Honour for Distinguished Services
1993 Red Cross Medical Service Medal with Bar
1994-01 Officer of the Most Venerable Order of St John (OStJ)
1995 USA Army National Guard Merit Medal
2000 Honorary Liveryman Clothworkers' Company
2000- Freeman City of London
2000 UN Medal
2002 HM Queens Golden Jubilee Medal
2001 Commander of the Most Venerable Order of St John (CStJ)
2001 Order of St John Service Medal with Two Bars
2001 Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE)
200- Companion of The Order of the League of Mercy (CLM)
2008- Gentleman Usher, Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor
2009 Knight of Justice, Order of St John for Services to Medicine (KStJ)
2010 Honorary Fellowship, Royal Society of Medicine for services to Medical Science (The highest honour bestowed by The Royal Society of Medicine)
2011 Knight Commander of Merit Military Constantinian Order of St George (KCMCO)
2012 HM Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal
2012 Named on Wall of Honour Royal Society of Medicine
2015 Knight Grand Officer Royal Order of the Eagle of Georgia for services to MedicalTechnology
2017 Medal of Merit Royal House of Georgia
2017 Medal of the Royal Society of Medicine for Services to Medicine


1967-95 Associate, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (AIMechE)
1969 Insignia Award in Technology City and Guilds of London Institute (Thesis, Design and Reconstruction of the face by Prosthetic Means) (CGIA)
1970-87 Member Institute of Biology (MIBiol) - Now Society of Biology
1971 Chartered Biologist (CBiol)
1975 Master of Philosophy: Materials Science, Manchester Metropolitan University (MPhil, Distinction)
1976 Insignia Award in Technology City and Guilds of London Institute (Thesis, Silicones as Implantation Materials in Surgery) (CGIA)
1987 Fellow Royal Society of Biology (FRSB) (Formally Fellow of Institute of Biology)
1987 Member, New York Academy of Sciences, United States of America
1988 Doctor of Philosophy, Medical Sciences, University of Bradford (PhD)
1990 Fellow, City and Guilds of London Institute (FCGI)
1995 Companion, Institution of Mechanical Engineers (CIMechE)
1998 Fellow, Linnean Society (FLS)
2000 Doctor of Laws, University of Leeds: honoris causa (LLD)
2003- Registered Member, Council of Scientists in Health Care
2005 Doctor of Science, University of London: honoris causa (DSc)
2007 Doctor of Science, University of Bradford: honoris causa (DSc)
2007 Doctor of Technology, Brunel University: honoris causa (DTech)

Health Professions Council Registration Number: CS01910
Single Joint Expert Court Training completed


1960-70 Head of Biomaterials Laboratory, Department of Plastic and Maxillo-facial Surgery, St Luke's Hospital, Bradford, Clinical Director, Department of Clinical Prosthetics
1968-99 Chief Examiner, Maxillo-facial Technology, City and Guilds of London Institute
1970-11 Consultant Clinical Scientist, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
1972-10 Consultant Nuffield Hospital, Leeds, Plastic Surgery Department
1972- Vice President, Leeds Boys Brigade
1972-75 Chairman, Army Benevolent Fund, West Yorkshire
1972-92 Trustee, Leeds School Awards
1979-86 President, Leeds Area St John's Ambulance South and West Yorkshire
1983- Chairman, Trustees West Riding Artillery Trust
1983-88 Vice Chairman, County of West Yorkshire Joint Emergency Executive Committee
1985-86 Crown Representative Council, University of Leeds
1985-88 Moderator, BTech Higher Technology Courses
1985-99 Chairman, County of West Yorkshire SSAFA
1986-02 Chairman, Court and Council, University of Leeds
1986-02 President, British Red Cross, County of West Yorkshire
1986-02 Pro Chancellor, The University of Leeds
1986-99 Trustee, Edward Boyle Memorial Trust
1999 Member Parliamentary Defence Policy Agenda Group
1987 Chairman, St Anne's Silver Jubilee Appeal, City of Leeds
1988-95 Visiting Senior Research Fellow, Plastic and Burns Research Unit, University of Bradford
1989-00 President, Senior Common Room Club, University of Leeds
1990-02 Director, Biomaterials Research Unit, University of Bradford
1990- President, Defence and Strategic Studies Dining Club, University of Leeds
1990-96 Chairman, Council of Military Education Committees, United Kingdom Universities (COMEC)
1991-01 Vice Chairman, Senior Awards Committee, City and Guilds of London Institute
1992- Director, Board of Weetwood Hall Ltd
1992-06 Director, Research and Development, Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust
1992-09 Member Advisory Committee, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Bradford
1992-06 Governor, Trustee Gateways School
1993- Honorary Secretary Fellowship of Prince Philip Medallists
1993- .Member of the International Advisory Board, Medical School, University of Malaysia Sarawak
1993-94 Member of The Lord Mayor of London's Appeal Committee
1993-94 Vice Chairman, Expert Working Group, Regional Research and Development Committee, Yorkshire Regional Health Authority
1993-98 Chairman, Quality of Life Group, Yorkshire Regional Cancer Organisation
1993-98 Deputy Chairman, Committee of Chairman of University Councils United Kingdom
1993-98 Member, Yorkshire Regional Cancer Organisation Head and Neck Working Group
1994- .Patron, Age Concern, North West Yorkshire
1994- Patron, Crimestoppers, West Yorkshire
1994- Honorary Professor, Biomaterials in Surgery, Academic Surgical Unit, School of Medicine, University of Hull
1994-97 Chairman, Advisory Board, Institute of Nursing, University of Leeds
1995 Examiner, University of Sheffield, School of Clinical Dentistry
1995 External Examiner, Kings College, University of London
1995- Trustee, West Yorkshire Sculpture Park
1995-98 Member, Health Services Research and Technology Assessment, Expert Working Group, Northern and Yorkshire Health Authority
1996-12 Patron, Heart Beat Appeal
1996 Vice Patron, Friends of Art and Music, University of Leeds
1997- On Cabinet Office Public Appointments List
1997-04 One of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for Leeds District Courts (Now Supplemental List)
1997-2013 Chairman Military Education Committee University of Leeds
1997-00 Chairman, Cookridge Cancer Appeal, County of West Yorkshire (1.5 million)
1997-00 Vice Chairman Military, Yorkshire and Humberside TAVR Association
1997-01 Joint Director, Institute for Health Research, Bradford Hospitals - Bradford University
1997-02 President, City and Guilds Association
1997-98 Member, Organising Committee British Association for Science, Leeds
1998 Fellowship Assessor, Royal College of Surgeons of England
1998-06 Member, Advisory Liaison Committee Research and Development, Northern and Yorkshire NHS Executive
1998-02 Director, Member of the Board, Medilink
1998-02 Member of the National Committee of Universities and College Employers Association (UCEA)
1998- President, British Institute of Surgical Technology
1996-07 President, City and Guilds Insignia Awards Association
1998-02 Member, Board of The Microendoscopy/Endoscopy Innovations Centre
1999- Honorary Professor of Biomaterials, University of Bradford
1999-02 Member of the National Health Executive Committee for Intellectual Property in Research
1999-17 -.President, County of West Yorkshire SSAFA
1999- Trustee, The League of Mercy and Registrar of the Order
1999-02 Member, National NHS Executive Advisory Board, Intellectual Property in Research and Development
1997-00 Chairman, Betting, Gaming and Licensing Committee, Leeds Magistrates Courts
2000-08 Trustee, Hull and East Yorkshire Medical Research Centre
2000-04 Governor, Pocklington School, East Yorkshire
2004- Honorary Governor, Pocklington School, East Yorkshire
2000-03 Honorary Company Secretary and Trustee, Yorkshire Sculpture Park
2001- President, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, NSPCC Leeds and District
2001-03 Honorary Regional Dean, Northern and Yorkshire Region, Royal Society of Medicine
2002-04 Member of Council, Order of St John, North Yorkshire and Teesside
2002-04 Member of Council, Order of St John, South and West Yorkshire
2004-12 Chairman of Council, Order of St John, South and West Yorkshire
2003-06 Honorary Treasurer, The Royal Society of Medicine
2004-06 Member of the Conduct and Competence Committee, Health Professionals Council (HPC)
2004-06 Member, Investigating Committee, Health Professionals Council (HPC)
2005-06 Member of The Health Committee, Health Professional Council (HPC)
2005 Member Accreditation Group Research Ethics Committees (NRES)
2004- External Examiner, University of Malta, Medical Dental School
2004- Trustee, Martin Isherwood Memorial Trust
2006- Clinical Director, Prosthetic Solutions, Pharmaceutical Innovation, University of Bradford
2006-11 Chairman, Bradford Research Ethics Committee, National Research Ethics Service (NRES)
2006-11 Member EU Ethical Advisory Board, NewGeneris Project, Maastricht
2006- Trustee, Action for Rehabilitation from Neurological Injury (ARNI Trust)
2007-09 Vice President, The Royal Society of Medicine
2009-11 President, Section of Technology in Medicine, Royal Society of Medicine
2007- Ambassador, Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
2007-08 Peer Review Panel, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
2008-12 Board Member, Ethically Approved Research Tissue Bank, University of Bradford
2008-09 Member, Reference Group (Medical Devices) National Research Ethics Service (NRES)
2009- Visiting Professor, Brunel University, Heinz Wolfe Institute of BioEngineering
2010- Trustee, The Maritime Heritage Foundation
2009-12 Member, General Committee Army and Navy Club, London
2012- Chairman, Advisory Board, Ethical Tissue, Institute of Cancer Therapeutics, University of Bradford. (UK National Biobank of the year 2016
2012- Hon Consultant Bradford Institute of Health Research

Professional Awards

1960 Denney Award for Innovation in Surgical Technology, Institute of Surgical Technology
1972 Merit and Achievement Award, Medical Materials Development, Institute of Science and Technology
2000 Convocation Medal, University of Leeds
2004 Bradford Teaching Hospitals Medal
1999 University of Ostrava Rectors Medal
2009 Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, Royal Society of Medicine,
Stuart Lecture Medal
2015 Royal Society of Medicine Stevens Lecture Medal
2017 Royal Society of Medicine Medal for Services to Medicine

Honorary Life Membership

1971 United States Army Medical Research Society
1978 City and Guilds of London Institute
1998 Convocation, The University of Leeds

Membership of Specialist Societies

Member, Association of Clinical Biochemistry & Laboratory Medicine
Honorary Secretary, Bradford Medico-Chirurgical Society 1980-1998
President, Bradford Medico-Chirurgical Society 1998
Member Leeds Medico-Chirurgical Society
Member, West Yorkshire Medico Legal Society
Member, Yorkshire Medical and Dental History Society
Member, Friends of the Wellcome Institute
Member, The White Lion Heraldic Society
Member, The Constitutional Monarchy Association
President & Founder, Leeds University Defence Studies Dinning Club
Member Alanbrook Royal Artillery Lunch Club
Fellow, The Royal Society of Medicine
Fellow, Medical Society of London
Fellow Linnean Society
Fellow Royal Society of Biology

Training Fellowships

1968-69 Council of Europe Fellow, Universities of Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm Study: Prosthetic Management of Cleft Palate in Infants

Research Consultancy Appointments

1956-64 Kulzer, West Germany, Medical Polymers
Clinical Development of Autopolymerising Acrylics and Resilient Materials
1961-64 Johnson & Johnson GB Ltd
Clinical Research and Production of Radio-Opaque Polymers for Surgery
1970-78 Chas F Thackray Ltd
Biomaterials Research and Development
1978-84 F & H Baxters, Medical Engineers
Design and Development of Surgical Materials and Instrumentation
1979-80 Abbott International, Veterinary Division
Controlled Drug Release Compounds in Cows and Sheep
1980-99 L B Chemicals Ltd
Research: EEC Submission - Stannous Octoate Chemistry in Dimethyl Polysiloxane Polymers for Surgery
1983-10 Henkel Loctite BioMedical
Research: Clinical Development of Adhesives for Tissue Bonding in Reconstructive Surgery. Research outcome Indermil
1984-88 Dow Corning USA
Silicone Elastomer Research and Development for Implantation and Reconstructive Surgery
1984-88 Lepetit Pharmaceuticals Ltd
Research in Implant Design - Plastic Surgery
1984-86 Royal National Institute for the Deaf, Deaf Children's Society
Research: Acoustics in Audiology Polymers
1991-94 DePuy
International Implantation Materials
1992-98 Kapitex Health Care
1995-97 Techceram, Ceramics
1995-98 Biodermis, Implantation Materials in Surgery
1998-00 Blueprint Design Co, Biomedical Engineers
1998-00 Smith and Nephew Research Centre
1999-00 IG Consultants Ltd, Grant Advisors
2000-02 Medlogic Global Corporation Adhesives and Biomaterials in Surgery
2015- Connexicon Medical Ltd Adhesives in Medicine & Surgery

Editorial Appointments

1965-69 Editor: Journal of the Institute of British Surgical Technology
1979-81 Assessor: Journal of Biomedical Engineering
1999-00 Assessor: Journal of Engineering in Medicine
2005-10 Chairman: Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Clinical Ethics

Television and Radio

Jan 1997 BBC Tomorrow's World
June 1997 BBC QED
Sept 1997 BBC Medicine Now

Membership Specialist Committees

1980-83 Member, British Standards Committee on Cardio-Vascular Materials
1983-86 Member, British Standards Committee on Toxicology of Medical Polymers
1978 Chairman, World Health Organisation Committee, International Symposium - Facial Prosthetics

International Visiting Professor

1968 University of Indiana, USA. Facial Prosthetics and Surgical Materials
1968 University of Texas, USA. Facial Prosthetics and Surgical Materials
1971 Stomatology Institute, University of Bordeaux. Biomaterials
1972 Plastic Surgery Institute, University of Utrecht, Holland. Implantation Materials
1974 University of Texas, USA. Facial Prosthetics and Surgical Materials
1975 University of Pennsylvania, USA. Implantation Materials
1976 Twente University of Technology, The Netherlands. Medical Materials
1976 University of St Paulo, Brazil. Facial Prosthetics
1977 University of Tehran. Implantation Materials and Maxillo-facial Prosthetics
1981 University of St Paulo, Brazil. Facial Prosthetics
1985 University of Texas, USA. Facial Prosthetics and Surgical Materials
1986 University of Jakarta. Adhesives in Surgery
1987 Trinity College, Dublin. Adhesives in Surgery
1987 University of Tokyo. Tissue Expansion, Facial Prosthetics
1987 University of Moscow, USSR. Adhesives in Surgery
1988 University of Malaysia. Materials Science in Surgery
1988 Czech Technological University, Prague
1994 University of Masaryk, Czech Republic. Facial Reconstruction by Prosthetic Means
1995 Hong Kong Baptist University
1996 University of Sarawak. University of Malaysia
1997 Purkyne University, Czech Republic
1997 Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
1998 National Taiwan University
2015 - - University of Malta Medical & Dental School

Key-Note Lectures

1969 Royal College of Surgeons of England, Faculty of Dental Surgery
'Facial Reconstruction by Prosthetic Means'
1977 Deans Research Lecturer, Royal College of Military Science 'Biomaterials in Military Surgery'
1976 Royal College of Surgeons of England, Faculty of Plastic Surgery 'Silicones in Surgery'
1980 Royal College of Surgeons of England, Faculty of Dental Surgery
'Facial Prosthetics - The Art of Illusion'
1997 Royal Society of Medicine 'Tissue Adhesive for Wound Closure'
1998 Wellcome Trust, History of Medicine, Needles in Medical History 'You Won't Feel a Thing'
2000 45th Convocation Lecture, The University of Leeds 'Faces by Design
2009 Stuart Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh /
Royal Society of Medicine Biomaterials in Surgery
2015 Stevens Lecture Biomaterials a Armamentarium for Surgery
2016 Leeds Medico Chirurgical Society Biomaterials in Body Reconstruction

Research Groups

1988-93 Lead Researcher, Tissue Adhesives in Surgery and Medicine, Loctite/Bradford University
1997-99 Member, Direct Fixation of Limbs, Bioengineering Unit, University of Leeds
1997-99 Member, ILIAL/IMALP Europe, Liver Research Group
1998-00 Lead Researcher, Cosmesis in Clinical Prosthetics Group, University of Hull
2000-To date.Lead Researcher, Prosthetic Adhesives, University of Bradford

Licensing from Research

1993 Indermil Tissue Adhesive Drug Licence
1994 Indermil USA, FDA Licence
2006 Zeflosil Prosthetic Adhesive
2009 Zeflosil NHS Drug Tariff Status Granted September 2009

Research Grants

1970 Dow Corning (10,000) - Silicone Implants in Surgery
1975 Chas F Thackray (40,000) - Silskin
1980 Deaf Children's Society (1,000) - Ear Moulds Materials
1985 LB Chemicals (20,000) - Silicones for use in Surgery
1988 Loctite UK (300,000) - Adhesives for Wound Closure
1990 Kapitex Health Care (16,000) - Cosmetic Camouflage Creams and Compounds
1997 Henkle (75,000) - Adhesives for Surgical Use
2008 Prosthetic Solutions (80,000) - Skin Adhesives

Biographical Entries

Who's Who
Debrett's People of Today
Who's Who in the World
Men of Achievement
Honoured by The Queen

Publications - Books

1965 Obturators and Prosthesis for Cleft Palate: Livingstones, Edinburgh
1972 Facial Prosthesis The Restoration of Facial Defects by Prosthetic Means (also published in German): Henry Kimptons, London
1972 Maxillo-facial Prosthetics, A Multidisciplinary Practice Chapter (Joint Authors', Drane JB, Chalian V): William Wilkins, Baltimore, USA

Publications - Papers

Roberts A C Dorrance Push Back Appliance, Dent Pract 6: 170-173 (1956)

Roberts A C A Survey of Facial Prosthesis Materials, Dent Technol 10: 112-118 (1957)

Roberts A C Watt Stud Retentive Obturator, Dent Technol 11: 37-40 (1958)

Roberts A C A Cleft Palate Feeding Aid, Dent Technol 11: 58-59 (1958)

Roberts A C Combination Prosthesis, Dent Technol 11: 30 (1959)

Roberts A C Laboratory Methods for Surgical Prosthesis, Dent Technol 12: 30-34 (1959)

Roberts A C A Method of using Controlled Springs and Swivels, Dent Technol 13: 114-117 (1960)

Roberts A C Feeding Aids for Cleft Palate Infants Nurs Mir 9: 40-43 (1961)

Roberts A C An Orbital Mould Expansion Device, Dent Delin 13: 3-5 (1962)

Roberts A C, Penney H D A Method of Hollow Box Obturator Construction, Dent Delin 13: 3-5 (1962)

Roberts A C An Advance in Facial and Body Prosthesis Materials, J Plast Surg 15.1: 8-13 (1964)

Roberts A C A Review of Materials Used for Implantation, Bio-Med Eng 8: 397-401 (1965)

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Roberts A C Facial Restoration by Prosthetic Means, Brit J Oral Surg 4.3: 157-181 (1967)

Roberts A C, Barclay T An Instrument to Achieve Pupil Alignment in Prosthetic

Replacement of the Eye, J Pros Dent 22.4: 487-489 (1969)

Roberts A C Restoration of Movement to the Upper Eyelids in Facial Palsy, Brit J Plast Surg 3: 257-261 (1969)

Roberts A C Severe Corrosion of a Maxillo-Facial Pin, Brit J Oral Surg: 126-128 (1970)

Roberts A C Silicones for Facial Prosthesis, Dent Pract 21.8: 276-284 (1971)

Roberts A C Silicone Implants in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dent Technol 3: 23-28 (1975)

Roberts A C An Investigation of New and Advanced Prosthetic Materials for Earmoulds, Royal Nat Inst for the Deaf (1999)

Roberts A C Adhesives and Adhesion in Maxillo-Facial Prosthetics, Indonesia Med J (1986)

Roberts A C Collagen Fibres, Medical Application of Textiles, University of Leeds Symposium Proceedings (1987)

Roberts A C, Coleman D, Sharpe D T Skin - its Response to Adhesives and Expansion,
J Sudi: 4-8 (1987)

Roberts A C Prosthetic Nipple Areola Prosthesis in Breast Reconstruction, Brit J Plast Surg 41: 586-587 (1988)

Roberts A C Colour in Facial Reconstruction, Review of Progress in Colouration, J Soc Dyers, Colourists 20: 27-31 (1990)

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Roberts A C Facial Reconstruction by Prosthetic Means, Oncology 13: 16-17 (1993)

Roberts A C Design BioMechanics in Surgical Wound Closure: A Quantitave Study.

Loctite Med Group Restricted Thesis 1: 106 (1996)

Roberts A C, Farouk R, Drew P J, Qureshi A, Monson J R Indermil Tissue Adhesive in

Surgery, J Ital Med Assoc 9: 70-73 (1996)

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Adhesive, European J Obst and Gyn 88: 139-142 (2000)

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Homer JJ Roberts AC Wengraf CL In the Ear Hearing Aids with Tissue Adhesive Secured Auricular Prostheses J Laryn Otoll 115:998-1000 (2001)

Roberts A C The Maintenance of the Estate, Problems Facing the Universities over the
next 10 years, CUC 1: 12 (2000)

Singh R, Roberts A C, et al Improving Transitions in Patient and Outpatient Care using a Paper or Web Based Journal, J R Soc Med Rep 1-9 2:6 (2011)


1996 Facial Prosthetics
1997 The Start of Wound Closure Revolution, in collaboration with Monson JRT
1997 Indermil Tissue Adhesive Case Presentation, joint collaboration with
Monson JRT

Military Service

1954-56 National Service
1956- Territorial, Transfer Commission
1956-62 Lieutenant
1962-68 Captain
1968-72 Major
1972-79 Lieutenant-Colonel
1980- Colonel

Regimental Service

National Service
269 (WR) Field Regt RA (TA)
249 Field Regt RA (TA)
West Riding Artillery (T)
50 Ordinance COY RAOC (UN) Army Emergency Reserve
Leeds University Officers Training Corps
Staff Officer, General Staff HQ, 2nd Infantry Division, North East District
Member Honourable Artillery Company

Special Appointments

1980-84 Aide-de-camp to Her Majesty The Queen
1996- Honorary Colonel Commandant, Royal Regiment of Artillery
2009- Gentleman Usher, Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor

Command and Staff Appointments

1972-79 Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Leeds University Officers Training Corps
1980-83 Colonel, Deputy Commander, 2nd Infantry Division North East District
1984-88 Commandant, Yorkshire Army Cadet Force

Regimental Responsibility as Deputy Commander North East District

150 Tpt Regt RCT
3 Bn Yorkshire Volunteers
7 Bn The Light Infantry
212 (S) Field Hospital RAMC
250 Field Hospital RAMC
269 (WR) OP Bty RA
Leeds University Officers Training Corps
Sheffield University Officers Training Corps
Northumbrian University Officers Training Corps

Honorary Colonel Appointments

Honorary Colonel, 269 (West Riding) Battery 19 Regiment Royal Artillery
Regimental Colonel, University of Leeds Officers Training Corps
Honorary Colonel, University of Leeds Officers Training Corps
Honorary Colonel, Yorkshire ACF Army Cadet Force (N&W)
Regimental Colonel, University of Leeds Officers Training Corps
Honorary Colonel, 269 (West Riding) Battery 106 (Yeomanry) Regiment Royal Artillery
Current - Honorary Colonel, 269 (West Riding) Battery 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery


Silver Smithing, Hallmark Granted 2008 (Sheffield)
Military Miniature Figures


Army and Navy, Pall Mall, London

Coat of Arms

Motto: In Omina Fidelis, Faithful in all Things
Granted Her Majesty's College of Arms 1993- Lancaster Herald

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